Steel intermediate vineyard posts

Steel intermediate posts for vineyards

Functional and quality of materials in your vineyard

Intermediate posts are used in two types of vineyards; the more easily mechanised “espalier” system or the “simple curtain” system, a horizontal cordon supported on a single mobile wire.

The material used depends on the chosen thickness and ranges from galvanised sendzimir, zinc-magnesium, steel galvanised after processing, to cor-ten, a particular type of steel that is very resistant to corrosive agents and with a high visual impact.

All intermediate posts are constructed in such a way as to prevent accidental wire release and have flaps or holes for rollers; they are simple, practical and quick to install.

Tradition and innovation are intertwined at Polimetal:modern vine-growing and ancient customs are just two of the aspects we consider for producing innovative materials because it is by their installation and the use of appropriate accessories that the yield of vineyards is improved. Posts are to vines as trunks are to branches; that is why we have dedicated particular attention to their strength, durability and stability.