Rex Pal

the new Rex Pal series is designed to ensure maximum performance in vineyards with high mechanisation, while maintaining a highly competitive price-quality ratio.
– Galvanised steel,
– Cor-ten steel,
– Sendzimir Galvanised steel,
– Zinc-magnesium steel

  • robustness thanks to the shape of the section and the longitudinal ribs;
  • stability in the ground thanks to a profile divided in two sections,
  • rectangular in the part out of the ground ground and with a semi-circular section for the buried part that allows to gather a greater amount of earth and, therefore, ensures greater stability.;
  • high mechanical resistance to twisting and bending; ease when inserting, sliding and extracting the wire: the wire containment pockets allow for an easy introduction but prevent the wire from escaping accidentally. The wire extraction for maintenance purposes is achieved by shifting the wire manually;
  • The wire holder-pocket is designed so as to allow the use of grape harvesting machines without damaging the beaters.
Profile thicknessPlate thicknessWeight Kg/m
62×42 mm1.3 mm1.45 Kg
62×42 mm1.5 mm1.65 Kg
62×42 mm1.6 mm1.75 Kg
62×42 mm1.7 mm1.85 Kg
62×42 mm1.8 mm1.95 Kg


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    Tradition and innovation are intertwined at Polimetal:modern vine-growing and ancient customs are just two of the aspects we consider for producing innovative materials because it is by their installation and the use of appropriate accessories that the yield of vineyards is improved. Posts are to vines as trunks are to branches; that is why we have dedicated particular attention to their strength, durability and stability.