Accessories for vineyards system

Suitable for any vineyard, a wide range of accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for your vineyard. Among the most important we point out:

  • wire winder and spooling machines
  • wires of all types and thicknesses
  • wire opening springs and shelves
  • anchoring systems
  • hooks and ties
  • propeller shaped galvanised pole
  • galvanised pole with concrete anchoring plate
  • articles for pruning and farming (e.g. galvanised tensioners, shears, forged vineyard posts, etc.)

Do you have particular needs? Contact us for a quote and we will be happy to provide the product you need.

Tradition and innovation are intertwined at Polimetal:modern vine-growing and ancient customs are just two of the aspects we consider for producing innovative materials because it is by their installation and the use of appropriate accessories that the yield of vineyards is improved. Posts are to vines as trunks are to branches; that is why we have dedicated particular attention to their strength, durability and stability.