Steel crosspieces


Sendzimir galvanised steel crosspieces

Obtained by profiling a galvanised metal strip using the Sendzimir method.
The Sendzimir method is a galvanising procedure that consists in passing a metal strip through a bath of molten zinc at 700° contained in a ceramic tank; elements such as aluminium are added to help the zinc attach to the steel.
Before passing through the zinc, the strip is subjected to de-greasing and stripping to remove any surface impurities and iron oxides.
The minimum coating used for crosspieces in Sendzimir galvanised steel is 200 g/m2.

Pre-painted steel crosspieces

These are made by cold profiling a galvanised and painted steel strip.
In addition to reducing the environmental impact of the crosspieces, the painting also lengthens their life, ensuring better protection against corrosion.

The crosspieces are 7/10 or 10/10 thick on request.

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